6 Simple Hacks to Keep You Positive


Did you know your thoughts can dictate your behavior and completely reshape your overall outlook on life.  You can empower yourself to always be positive and have an amazing attitude toward life.


Fill your mind and unconscious mind with positive, uplifting sentiments regularly.  Filling your brain with positive thoughts throughout the day is easy with these 6 powerful hacks.

Recognize the power of your thoughts.  It can improve your relationships, advance your career, create new opportunities for prosperity and keep you healthy and happy. Controlling your thoughts to work for you rather than against you can call you to achieve more than you ever dreamed.


 Affirm your Gifts and Talents

Continually remind yourself of your greatness, your gifts, and your talents.  Celebrating even small wins regularly.  Congratulations on completing a project, satisfying a difficult client, or losing some unwanted pounds.


Step back and remind yourself of the skills, talents, and characteristics that make you unique.

Celebrate your greatness.


 Get a New Look

Break up your routine as that can cause you to become bored, and then negativity raises its ugly head.  The best and fastest way to avoid negativity is to regularly update your look.


New style, get a new haircut, lose some weight, buff up, etc. can change your life quickly.  e

Getting a few compliments from friends and coworkers will encourage positive thoughts and boost your self-confidence.


You can also apply this hack to your daily routine. Try doing daily tasks differently or at different times of the day, take different routes to places you visit regularly, and plan exciting activities for weekends.


Be Aware of Beautiful Things

It is preverbal to stop and smell the roses whenever you can! We’re surrounded by beauty and taking time to notice it de-stresses the mind and floods it with feel-good hormones.

Learn to appreciate the beauty around you every day.

When you intend to do this, it creates an attitude of gratitude, and you’ll start to see beauty everywhere you go.


Get Healthy

If you are not healthy, it affects every part of your life.  When we feel healthy and fit, our bodies are able to overcome stress quickly, stabilize moods and keep our brains positive and energized.


Take a true look at your current health routine and decide what changes you need to make to boost your health – and your positivity along with it!


Surround yourself with the right people

Stay away from negative people.  Avoid people who are cynical, bitter, and negative as much as possible. Otherwise, you’ll start becoming pessimistic and demotivated. Hang out with the high achievers and go-getters.


Challenge Your Brain

A happy, healthy brain feeds you with positive thoughts. This will help you keep your brain challenged and motivated.Learning new things, unleashing your creativity, and reading books is other ways to keep your brain challenged.


The bonus is you’ll be improving your cognitive function, boosting memory, and ensuring that your brain stays sharp and alert for the rest of your life.

Nothing can be as simple as these 6 hacks for rewiring your brain to think more positively. Practice them regularly so that your brain can retain them permanently. Negative thoughts and deflating self-talk will gradually be replaced by thoughts that are positive and empowering, bringing you remarkable inner peace and joy.   You’ve got this.  Stay true to yourself.


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