Tip #1. Have Everyone Outline Goals Clearly – It all starts with managing everyone’s expectations.  To make this happen, help your employees understand their goals and have them write them down.  Not only that, have them reinforce their goals by reading them daily.
 Tip #2. Improve Feedback (Both Ways) – It does not matter what your position is in your organization, it is always good to give everyone honest feedback…even the company executives.  Make sure feedback is given respectfully and in the spirit of helping the employee or the organization.  If some of your employees are shy, it might be helpful to have one-on-one meetings.  If there is a suggestion box, you can even have them drop confidential notes in it.
 Tip #3. Close The Communication Loop – Many team members can work on a project as a group; however, it can sometimes lead to a breakdown in communication when people are not kept in the loop.  This can cause serious fragmentation in the team, loss of motivation and backstabbing.  To avoid this, have your employees plan project meetings accordingly, send out follow-up e-mails after the meetings and make sure everyone has a say in the project’s goals.
 Tip #4. Delegate Responsibility For Problem Solving – As mentioned above, it pays for management to spread responsibility throughout the team.  Selecting one or two people to solve a particular problem while not involving other team members can have a detrimental effect on the tasks that need to be completed on a timely basis. Involving others can add ideas and insights that will result in better solutions.
 Tip #5. Develop And Train Key Staff To Help Your Retention Rates – Face it, good employees are difficult and costly to replace. In fact, it can take up to six months to train a new employee.  Create an employee retention/succession program and you will see dividends for years to come.  Executive SummaryIn any business, a constant push and pull between management and team members is integral to engagement.  Outlining goals and improving feedback will strengthen staff communication, and so will spreading responsibility throughout the team.  When everyone on staff is involved, it is less likely for anyone on staff to feel left out, which not only ensures employee retention but also boosts morale.  Info shared by Acupay.com (Payroll company)
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