Everyone needs a mentor – That person you can look up to, trust, learn from and emulate.

 However, you need to be cautious when choosing your mentor.  Here are 5 tips to use in your search.

22Tr[1]#1  Look for someone that has character and integrity.  Someone you would  be honored to introduce to your family and friends to.  In other words make sure their values align with yours.


#2 Find someone that not only talks the talk but has walked the walk successfully. Take a good look at their  proven track record.  Your mentor should have experienced their own success and failures.  This is how they would have an in-depth knowledge of how to not only avoid failure but to overcome failure as well.  If you can find a mentor in your specific industry, that would be ideal.


#3  A mentor should also be someone that you have enough confidence in that you will take their advise and implement.  However be prepared for constructive criticism. There is a need for complete honesty or it is not in your best interest.  You need to have an open communication between the two of you.  Be willing to take this to heart and use their experiences to skip some typical failures.

#4 This person should be a giver.  In other words, he/she has to be willing to take the time to invest in you.  Otherwise, you will be fighting an uphill battle.  The right person is willing to invest with nothing in it for them other than the satisfaction of watching you succeed..  With that being said, you should not take advantage of anyone and monopolize their time or resources unless you are serious.  Then look for ways you can be a benefit to them, and if not them find a way to pay it forward.  Guaranteed they did not get where they are without help from others.

#5  Make sure this person is living a balanced healthy life.  Workaholics die a very lonely life with a lot of regrets.  Are they happy, do they enjoy what they do?  Do they respect those around them or do they walk on people to get what they want.   Make sure their lifestyle fits in your belief system.

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