5 Tips for Conquering Your Fear of Public SpeakingEnjoy these 5 Tips for Conquering Your Fear of Public Speaking. Everyone in business will have opportunities to speak. It may be to show a presentation to sell to your boss or speak to your team. Did you know the fear of public speaking is the number one fear of people even over the fear of death? That means some would prefer to die than to speak in front of others.

For some it is practice makes perfect. They just must work through their fear. For others, it causes extreme anxiety.
Some will even pass on certain college classes because they know that must give a public presentation in front of a class.
Now is the time to find a strategy to overcome it if it gives you anxiety. Implement these tips and begin conquering your fear of public speaking:

1. Start with a small group

When it comes to public speaking, the bigger the crowd the greater the fear. Therefore, you want to start small and move up until you are confident.

2. Preparation is key

Being prepared take a lot of the fear away. Practice your exact presentation and then you will have no reason to be fearful of looking foolish.
Before your speech or presentation, organize all of the information you want to cover. You may want to bullet point it or write it out completely. You may want to create a PowerPoint presentation or other visuals aids to aid in your speech. Practice, practice, practice, and more practice. Seriously spend some practicing in a mirror or video camera.

3. Avoid memorizing

When you memorize your speech you don’t sound natural and it comes off robotic. It is important to be prepared and rehearse your speech, but it isn’t necessary to memorize word for word. Remember if you know your subject inside and out, you can speak intelligently about it without memorizing a script verbatim.

4. Visualize yourself being successful

Before you begin your speech visualize yourself completing it and everyone applauding. The human brain is unable to tell the difference between reality and that which is vividly imagined.


5. Practice breathing exercises.

Take time before you give your presentation. Breathing exercises are an effective way to remove anxiety.
Take a slow, deep breath in through your nose and hold it. Then, release it slowly through your mouth. Repeat this process until you feel your heart rate decrease and you feel calm.

Don’t do like many and try to avoid public speaking. Embrace it and do your best. There will probably come a time when you’ll have to get up in front of a group and speak. The only way to truly get past your fear of public speaking is to try it on for size. Start preparing to give a presentation, practice and each time and it will seem less scary.


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