Unbeknownst to many is that the true success of any organization is not their ability to attain large monetary profits. In fact, in our experience the true success of a business is measured by the treatment exhibited to its employees by management, and how this treatment affects the quality of an employee’s work.  Here are 5 Reasons To Be A Team Leader And Not A Boss.


So yes, for the last financial quarter your business was over 100% in profits, however, your employee turnover rate is at a high of 70% and the longevity of any staff regardless of position is 1 year. Sorry to break it to you, but if these characteristics sound anything like the status of your business currently, we definitely have a problem.

Leader VS Boss

As a business owner, the lasting impact that ineffective management can have on your business should not be underestimated. You more than anyone else need to be aware of the two types of authority figures that exist within the corporate ladder, that is Team Leaders vs Bosses, and decide in whose hands you want the management of your employees to be left in.


The Team Leader vs The Boss

The terms “Team Leader” and “Boss” though used interchangeably in some organizations are not entirely accurate. When you think of a Team Leader you might imagine your understanding and compassionate Supervisor who not only directs you to do the work but also inspires you to get it done.

On the other hand, when you imagine a Boss you are faced with the striking image of your Department’s Manager, who won’t say “Good Morning” if he passes you in the walkway and still after working at the company for 8 months does not know your name.

While to some persons these clear differences between the two figures may appear minimal, in retrospect, the exhibition of these treatments to your employees will make all the difference. So, here are 5 reasons to be a Team Leader and not a Boss.


  1. People Respect Leaders

Getting your entire team to respect you as an individual and as a leader will take some time and a lot of effort on your part, however, the results of this will definitely be worthwhile. Employees would much prefer to go the extra mile for a Leader they respect, rather than a Boss they fear.


  1. Leaders Aren’t Afraid To Get Their Hands Dirty

Having a leader who is just as dedicated to seeing the team’s achievement of a goal so much so that they too will “roll up their sleeves” if it means getting the job done, will speak volumes for team morale. And improve the success of company output much more than a Boss who stood on the sidelines and “supervised”.


  1. Leaders Give Credit Where It’s Due

Employees don’t just want to work at the company who pays the best, they also want to work at the company where their efforts are appreciated. As simple as it may seem an employee would much prefer to have a leader go out of their way to make their contributions to the company known than a Boss who takes credit for their work.


  1. Leaders Want You To Reach Your Full Potential

A key defining factor of Leaders vs Bosses is that Leaders always push you to be more and do more, just as a parent would. Unlike Bosses, they aren’t intimidated by your potential to surpass their success and instead, welcome and nurture it.


  1. Leaders Are Like Colleagues

If your employees feel like even though you are in a position of authority, they can still discuss happenings with you whether office related or otherwise, they will feel more integrated into the company and value the role they play as a moving part within it.


Given everything we’ve said about Team Leaders vs Bosses, which are you and which do you want to be?

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