4 Keys for a Happy Life

Who doesn’t want to be happy?  Everyone does!  As much as we all want to be happy it is sometimes is difficult.  I’m sure we are similar and you have gone through unhappy times.  In this article you will find 4 keys for a happy life with thee simple concepts.


Keys for a Happy Life - MCA Collection Agency
You deserve to be happy


Key #1 – Forgiveness

 It is not easy when hurt by others to forgive.  If you hold on to the bitterness and don’t forgive you are the only one hurt by it.  It can eat you up with bitterness.  Letting go of makes room for a clear mind and heart creating peace.   Peace is a stepping stone to happiness. It allows you the opportunity to grow and develop you personally to allow room for joy and happiness.


Key #2 – Be Positive

The first way to be positive is to stay away from negative.  You may have to change friends and who you hang out with.   If you focus on the positive it is the most effective way to ensure your happiness.  Everyone has difficult times in life but how you respond to them determines the outcome. Positive thinking adds to your confidence, which in turns helps you adds to your happiness factor. You don’t have to be Pollyanna but you can change your entire life and attitude by staying positive.


Key #3 – Kindness

Being kind is a simple task yet so few do it today.  What we would call common courtesy is just being kind to someone.  Ex:  holding a door open for someone, picking up something dropped, helping a neighbor in need etc.  Kindness could be as simple as a compliment to make someone’s day.   Kindness to others creates happiness in you. 


Key #4 – Gratitude 

It is difficult to be down or depressed when you are being grateful for someone or something.  Those with an attitude of gratitude are the happiest people you will meet. Take the time and look for the good in any situation and be grateful for the little things that went right.   Showing gratitude not only helps with your personal feelings but it also affects the lives of so many others.  Take time through the day to write down and think on your gifts of gratitude to ensure your happy life.    Instead of being concerned about what you don’t have, concentrate on what you do have and maybe even keep a journal of gratitude.   The grass always seems greener on the other side. Practice at least one per day until it becomes totally natural.  Then you will experience true happiness.  Don’t focus on what you see on the social sites as they do not show a real snapshot Of people lives.  It only shows the parts they are willing to share.  Only you can determine what is real and what is fantasy and be happy.


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