Here are 3 Tips for Sharpening Your Critical Thinking…  Critical thinking is evidence after objectively analyzing an issue and arrive at a conclusion. Critical thinking is necessary for achieving success in both business and life.  Sad but this is not taught in school.

Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Take an issue.
  2. Break it down into manageable pieces.
  3. Analyze each issue from every direction possible.

Remove all your limiting beliefs.  When you learn how to do this automatically your life will be so different. 

3 tips for how to sharpen your critical thinking skills:

  1. Determine what thoughts are and are not your own. How many thoughts do you have that others have created for your or painted a picture for you that aren’t accurate?   Growing up you accept and act on the thoughts of your parent, grandparents, and those who influenced you while you were growing up.
  • When you were a child, were your parents strict? Did they say negative things to you or yell at you?   If so, then they are probably still controlling your thoughts and actions.
  • Use the power of critical thinking, you can free yourself from any thoughts that no longer serve you. Time to look deep and see where those thoughts originated and take inventory of your mental beliefs. You could be dealing with self-sabotage.
  1. Analyze each issue and empower yourself. Critical thinking gives you the ability to identify and understand the connection between concepts, detect faulty reasoning and strategically solve issues.
  • If you watch a toddler puts his hand on a hot stove they will quickly learn to stay away from the hot stove. However, that same toddler probably won’t realize that they should avoid the hot toaster as well.  They lack the ability to combine the reference from his experiences beyond what is immediately at hand.
  1. Free yourself from negative thinking that is holding you back. As crazy as it sounds, many of us still hold on to the things we were told as children.
  • Remember that our imaginations can create their own scenarios, and fear has a tendency to make an event seem more than it really is.

Always think things through and don’t let anyone else’s thoughts control your mind.

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