If asked, we can generally think of a couple bad habits, but few of us are aware of our “Work” habits. Unfortunately a lot of our work habits are related to our young adult years, college and first job experiences. These habits can be good or bad. It is important to be more aware of how our habits fit into our changing lives, technology, environment, co-workers, current job and company.  In today’s business environment you are expected to be able to manage the constant changes, meet the needs of increased productivity, complexity, increased volume of work and information regarding your job.
 1. Truly look at your day-to-day habits such as answering e-mails first thing in the morning or numerous times during the day.
 2. Determine if any of your habits need to be changed based on your current environment, job, etc.
 3. Try to change only one habit at a time every 4 – 6 weeks, and then you can add a new one (if you have been successful with the last). Some will be harder to change than others.
 4. Find something tangible that will trigger the emotion to remind yourself of the habit you want to change.  I have a glass blue bird sitting on my desk; each time I look at it helps me to reinforce the habit I am trying to change.
 5. Buddy System – Team up with a co-worker to keep each other on the right track.
 6. Take workshops or seminars to learn the newest tools, tips and information available on productivity, time management or paper management as our world is always changing.
 7. List the benefits that the new habit will provide you; keep benefits in view.
 8. Reward yourself especially for the little steps and not just the large steps.
 9. Be patient, as two steps forward and one step back still gets you where you want to go.
 10. Changing habits can be SIMPLE.  Remember, simple does not always mean easy! Click here for full article…