Use these 10 tips for time management.  These are not something you learn in a workshop or read a book about.  Time management is an everyday event.  Like creating habits to be effective.

Time is something we are all given equally!

  1. When you finish your day, transfer the items remaining to tomorrow’s list. Determine if you can remove any tasks that are not a priority.
  2. Use a calendar faithfully to keep you on time. No more sticky notes with reminders and appointments scattered around your desk or written on the back of envelopes. Keep everything in just one place, your calendar.
  3. Create a “to-do” list. Using your computer allows you to easily move around items as you prioritize the day. If you prefer using paper categorize them as Urgent, Need to Do Today, Can Do This Week.
  4. Read your To-Do list first thing in the morning. Do this before you touch your phone or emails.
  5. Check-in and review your To-Do list at mid-day and end of the day to see what was accomplished and what remains to be completed.
  6. Close your door (even when working from home) when you are focusing on a task or hand up a sign on your door or cubicle asking people to stop by later when you are finished with this work.
  7. Delegate as much as possible to an assistant. If you work independently, consider hiring a VA, Virtual Assistant for a few hours per week. This is particularly effective if you travel or spend much time outside the office.
  8. Say “no” as often as possible. That means saying no to overtime or taking work home when you are at your limit. When you are mentally or physically exhausted you don’t do your best work and you need to say so.
  9. Attend only the meetings that are absolutely necessary, including Zoom meetings to do your job. Unless a meeting is run well with an agenda, there is usually wasted time chatting.
  10. Let voice mail answer your phone while you are focusing on an important task. The message will be there when you finish and have time to check it.

When setting your time with clients you may need to make sure it is in your time zone.  Click here for easy access.

It’s easy to stay on track once you commit to changing your daily habits. Just put the above tips into action and you should see more free time throughout your day.


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