10 Networking Stereotypes

0_0_0_0_250_167_library_8636Ever been in the place you needed to network for business?  
No one said  it was easy but necessary. You find yourself  forced into a room and then expected to spend time networking (finding new clients/customers/patients).  The boss may be watching or you may be the boss.   For some networking comes as natural as a conversation with a best friend.  Others they would rather go to the dentist that have to work a room networking.
Thought this was an extremely interesting view point on Networking .

 These are the 10 categories of people he suggests you can expect to  find at networking events:

  1. Sharks

  2. Garden  Snakes

  3. Barancles

  4. Roosters

  5. Social Butterflies

  6. Young Colts

  7. Old Broncos

  8. Wolves

  9. Worker Bees

  10. Turtles

You may have thoughts right now of which category you fit it, but I highly suggest you read the entire article as it has a lot of insight.

Many times the most difficult thing in networking is knowing how to get away from the Shark or Barancle. 

Couple suggestions to try:  Let me introduce you to someone who may be a great fit with your business and then after the introduction, say “ I’m going to let you two get acquainted” and walk away.  Another is to say “I promised myself I would meet at least ____ # of new people at this event and oh my I am only on my first. (or whatever number that might be).

More importantly is what you do after the event to follow up on those you did find synergy with or way to work together.   Start with a thank you after connecting on LinkedIn and then ask for a time to meet via Phone, Skype or best is in person.  Suggest a couple of times and see if they respond positively.  It’s all in the Follow up!   

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