Here are 10 Habits for Smart Networking for Business.  You can make it a social gathering or TRUE networking to gain business.

 You make the choice by the habits you form.

shaking hands between two business people

  1. Breaking the Ice is the most important place to begin:   You may even want to consider something that sets you apart and makes you memorable like a bow tie, scarf, brooch or even  a special name tag.
  2. Memorize your Elevator Speech:   You need to have it down to one good, strong sentence about what you do for your clients.  Remember you only have 30 seconds to make a GOOD first impression.  What do you want them to remember about YOU or YOUR business?
  3. Listen:  Don’t monopolize the conversation.  Building  a relationship takes two people fully engaged.
  4. Look for Quality:  This not a marathon to collect business cards but a time to find quality contacts.    Quality is more powerful than Quantity!   Make sure you take this to the next level and set up a time to meet and really build the relationship where you can refer each other.
  5. Keep moving:  Don’t get caught spending all your time talking to one person especially if you already know you can’t help each other.  Excuse yourself and keep moving.  Say something like “It’s been great to meet you. I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to talk to a few other people before the event is over. Here’s my card; let’s stay in touch.”  All a part of networking.
  6. Get INVOLVED:  Join groups that allow you to be involved on a board or a team.   Makes is so much easier to get to know people and build those lasting relationships.  This is extremely helpful if you tend to be shy.
  7. Make sure you plan to follow up: Using Apps like CardMunch, Evernote Hello or Shoeboxed make it much easier to create a system for follow up.  CardMunch allows you to scan business cards while Evernote Hello saves the  notes from your conversations, as well as  share your information into your CMS and Social Media Platforms. Shoeboxed allows you a place to save your typical things you through in a shoebox for business.
  8. Take a Leadership attitude:  With networking don’t be passive and wait for people to approach you but start approaching them.  Show a genuine interest in knowing more about them and their business creating the ideal networking atmosphere.
  9. Social Media:  Try to immediately connect with them on LinkedIn and any other sites you are comfortably a part of.  Do it quickly so they remember you when you say where you met them. 
  10. Time Frame:  Always give a group at least 6 months to determine if it is worth the investment and ROI.  If you are going to be a member of group, be an ACTIVE member.    They have to get to really know you before they will refer you.


Using the Golden Rule is a perfect way to Network… Do under others as you would have them do unto you!   Don’t be shy and build some long lasting relationships!

MCA Collection Agency welcomes the opportunity to network with Business Owners to form this perfect 10 Habit for Smart Networking.